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Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2001

Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, Nebraska

State Advisory Council Members Present: Jim Bothmer, John Dale, Steve Davis, Karen Drevo, Stan Gardner, Jeff Gilderson-Duwe, Maggie Harding, Michael Herbison, Mo Khamouna, Michael LaCroix, Ken Oyer, Tom Schmitz, Ruth Seward, and John Seyfarth.

Nebraska Library Commission Members Present: Kristen Rogge and Karen Warner.

Nebraska Library Commission Staff Present: Rod Wagner, Richard Miller, and Sally Snyder.

Welcome and Introductions

Chair Tom Schmitz called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


A motion to approve the agenda was made by Ken Oyer, seconded by Mike Herbison. Motion approved.


A motion to approve the June 2001 minutes was made by Ken Oyer, seconded by Mike Herbison. Motion approved.

Norfolk Public Library - Ted Smith, Director

Ted Smith welcomed the council members. Ted reported on an automation program that is shared by Norfolk Public Library, Columbus Public Library, and Northeast Community College. The program was funded by grants from the Nebraska Library Commission, Nebraska Information Technology Commission, and the Peter Kiewit Foundation.

Norfolk Public library is the center for technology for the city of Norfolk. All the fiber lines run through the library and all the IT staff are located at the library. Ted provided a demonstration of Online Nebraska Library (ONE Library) home page. This page provides historical obituaries for Norfolk and Columbus online. The first day it was up it got a hit from Florida it has been a very popular site.

The SIRSI program will search all three libraries at the same time unless told not to. The library is asking librarians for frequently visited catalog websites, then patrons can click on catalog websites and it will take them to subjects and it will give them catalog websites. Other options from the page: 1) what others are reading, best sellers list, this is determined by the number of searches being done. 2) Has an "everything" button which will search every line of the MARC report (e.g. can search by # of pages). Also has book jacket photo, reviews, and table of contents, attached to the record.

Northeast Library System - Deb Robertson, President

Deb Robertson distributed handouts. The Northeast Library System provides many opportunities for area librarians. Deb stated that Carol Speicher travels many miles and spends many hours on the phone assisting libraries.

There are educational opportunities offered through the systems office such as the Summer Institute offered at Wayne State College, and Summer Reading Program Workshop. They have listed grant opportunities available throughout the region. This last year the Board decided to take some money and developed a grant for reference books and Golden Sower titles.

The libraries are commenting on the library visits by Commission staff. They feel it is a positive thing, and are enjoying them. The Tilden Public Library is dedicating their library on October 21, 2001.

NELS currently offers Advanced Accreditation recognition. That name will be changed because it is used by the Nebraska Library Commission. This program challenges libraries in the system to meet all of the accreditation guidelines required by the Nebraska Library Commission. The communities who meet all the accreditation guidelines are honored at the annual banquet. NELS also awards a Pat On The Back award at each board meeting to people who have supported their library or library services.


Library Commission 2001-2003 Biennium Budget Actions

Biennium Budget - Special Legislative Session

Rod Wagner reported that a special session of the Legislature is possible to reduce the state budget. The Legislature's Appropriations Committee is meeting to prepare for the possibility of a special session in October. Governor Johanns has issued instructions to state agencies to make every effort to reduce spending and to expect a 5% budget reduction. NLC could lose the additional $75,000 in state aid funds added to the budget earlier this year. The biennium appropriation also allowed for an increase in Library System budgets for salary and operating cost increases. The budget also allowed the Commission to set aside $25,000 for financial aid to MLS students, and $25,000 for Children and Youth Library grant projects. These areas are not necessarily the ones that will be reduced.

Commissioners approved the use of funds for up to 25 scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each. These scholarships are to be used by persons wishing to enter in the MLS programs due to begin in January. Details need to be worked out before the Commission announces the availability of the scholarships.

SACL members felt the following items should be consider in determining scholarship recipients:

A provision that they work in the State of Nebraska for a certain length of time Rod stated that Commissioners chose not to do that since the scholarships are not for large sums of money.

Making certain areas a higher priority (e.g. rural communities, public libraries, academic libraries, etc.)

Consider preference for students who are already working in libraries

Encourage matching funding from the library itself - maybe from the library's foundation. This will be a problem for smaller libraries

Target to MLS programs.

Also could consider using some of the funds to encourage current college students to attend an MLS program

Library Commission Grant Program Timetables

Richard Miller distributed a handout with a list of grants available, timelines and amounts. The grants available are: LSTA - $250,000; Children's grants - $25,000; Continuing Education - $50,000; and Scholarships - $25,000.

Attempts were made to give as much time as possible for people to conduct their projects. Amounts are subject to change depending on budget situation.

Federal Library Related Initiatives, Legislation, and Policies

Rod Wagner reported that the U.S. Senate and House versions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization legislation is under discussion. The Senate version includes funds for school library media centers. Appropriations for the Library Services and Technology Act are yet to be resolved. Nebraska's amount will probably be similar to the past year.

Richard Miller reported on the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). The e-rate training in Washington DC is scheduled for September 17-18. This meeting will include CIPA information. Libraries need to be thinking about whether their library will be placing software filters on their computers. It is a good idea to be placing this item on the library board agenda. Libraries need to take steps now if e-rate and LSTA funds are to be requested in the future for Internet access.

Technologies Across Nebraska Initiative

Rod Wagner reported that meeting packets included a brochure regarding the Technologies Across Nebraska initiative. The University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service is leading this initiative. Its purpose is to facilitate communication and collaboration among different organizations. Their website is listed in the brochure.

There are different opportunities for libraries to be involved in this project. The initiative provides resources, connects people and organizations, and provides training opportunities.

ESU 10 is making plans to develop a statewide technology support structure out of the ESU 10 in Kearney. They will provide statewide consulting, training, help desk for technology problems.

@ Your Library™ Campaign

Michael LaCroix stated that the Creighton University Reinert/Memorial Library distributed a library acceptable mug that says Fill Your Mind @ Your Library.

Jeff Gilderson-Duwe stated that the Holdrege Public Library is promoting their web site and web catalog. Their website is titled, Open All Night @ Your Library.

Rod Wagner noted that one of the NLA preconference events will be on marketing the @ Your Library™ campaign.

Library Leadership Institute

Kathy Tooker reported on the Library Leadership Institute. The Institute was sponsored with funding from NLC's Continuing Education and Training grants and additional corporate sponsorship. Facilitators for this event were Becky Schreiber and John Shannon. There were 6 mentors, and 31 participants broken into 4 learning groups. On the last day, participants were issued pins and certificates during a graduation ceremony. There were guest speakers on 2 nights. Doug Roseman, Director of Info USA's Library Division, spoke on corporate leadership and presented a $2000 check. On the 2nd night Maxine Moul, former Nebraska Lieutenant Governor and Economic Development Director, spoke. Another Leadership Institute is being planned for July 13-17, 2003.

Ruth Seward stated that this program was an eye opener. She learned that you could be a leader wherever you are in your organization; you don't have to be the Director. She would like to send her staff in the coming years.

Richard Miller stated the groups really formed quite a bond. Allana Novotny is putting together an e-mail list for the groups.

Ted Smith stated the program has to be a small group for it to work, no more than 30 people. Word of mouth will create a lot more interest in the next Institute; organizers will probably have to turn some people away. One can either share oneself or choose not to; this will form the basis for future relationships, and will break down barriers between different types of libraries.

Tom Schmitz stated that Mo Khamouna worked on the vision statement, created at the Institute, along with four others.

Consumer Health Information and Health HQ - Jim Bothmer and Ken Oyer

This program began in January 2000 by ICON, a consortium of libraries, with Creighton University being the prime investor. The purpose was to create a self-help group of public libraries among libraries in the Eastern Library System area. The Steering Committee guided the process along, and helped provide information to libraries on how to provide health education information in their libraries.

An educational video was created and distributed to all Eastern Library System public libraries, Systems Administrators and to the Nebraska Library Commission. The video they produced is called, "The Librarian Is In." Jim and Ken spoke about the brochure and bookmark and the fact that it is available to libraries that want this information. The video has also has been sold to libraries. The cost of the video is $25 with handbook and is designed to help libraries know how to answer health-related questions locally.

The program needs new funding and ICON is looking for new financial partners. The Nebraska Library Commission awarded the consortium a $5,000 LSTA grant as a start. They are exploring "Technologies Across Nebraska" as a potential partner and are applying for a Rogers Award from the Medical Libraries Association.

Ken Oyer stated that ICON contracted with DCO, a web design firm from Omaha, to design the web site. Ken demonstrated a "Support/Self Help" search on the site. The site currently has 90 links to date. They follow the Hahn protocol to evaluate sites before they are added.

It is important to have "buy in" from participating public libraries so that they feel invested in the process, and give feedback to the organizers. Richard Miller suggested that evaluative elements be built into the web site itself; Ken said that that is planned, including the possibility of sharing stories. This web site taps into McGoogan Library's CHIRS medical collection extensively. The vision is that eventually this information will include all public libraries in the state.

ICON contracts with a clipping service that clips any articles on health-related support groups throughout the state, to help them identify sources of information throughout the state.

Council Roundtable - SACL Members

Jim Bothmer reported that he is trying to recruit for a Serials/Electronic Collections Librarian. The Creighton University Health Sciences Library had to reopen the process because several people turned down the position due to the salary. The Regional Medical Library program is now at the University of Utah. The program had been based at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for many years.

Ruth Seward reported that Lexington applied for the Millennium grant from the Nebraska Humanities and Carnage Foundation to purchase 50 classical books. They hope to recruit the English and Drama department at the high school for a night of reading classical material. September is library card sign up month.

The Lexington PL down loaded the clip art and PSA's from the ALA web site and submitted them for radio spots, newspaper stories and placed information on the bulletin board at the library.

The library is doing the reading hour and plans to do the lap-sit program again even though they did not have a lot of participants last year. They will continue the Mother-Daughter book club, a volunteer runs it. The program is for 1st - 3rd grade girls. Last year there were10 teams. They ended the year with 8 teams of 2.

The Library board decided to implement Sunday hours. Ruth and her board need to decide how to staff that day, what services they will offer or if they will have only limited services on Sunday

The City Council was going to vote on whether the Library Board would remain a governing board or become an advisory board. The Mayor told Ruth that the board would forfeit ability for imminent domain, to own property, hire/fire Library Director, and control budgeted funds. The Mayor says they will still be called a Governing Board.

Mike Herbison reported that the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) did not receive the Arbuthnot grant. It was awarded to New York City. UNK will apply again next year. UNK purchased and installed the Serials Solution package, and can now offer online access to 8,000 journal titles.

UNK currently has 56 Japanese students that the library is providing special outreach to work with them in the library realm. As with everyone, budgets are an issue. The library has been told to hold back 1% of the budget for now. There has been a significant decline in enrollment over the last several years. This year the decline has stopped and numbers have come up a bit. Freshman enrollment is up 5% this year and transfer enrollment is up 14%. This is a positive change.

Karen Warner reported that the NLA scholarship committee will have a silent auction at convention. The committee would like to have some donations of items or money to purchase items to be auctioned. Two scholarships are available this year. The committee would like to increase the number of scholarships awarded each year.

Kathy Tooker reported on the registrations for the NLA conference. NLA went with a different printer this year and the job wasn't completed as quickly as hoped, thus delaying distribution of annual conference program information. Those interested now can go to the NLA web site and find the conference program and complete registration forms.

The Omaha Public Library is facing budget cuts. It looks like only the main library will be open on Sunday, and only 2 branches open on Fridays. The Eastern Library System and Southeast Library System will be sponsoring their 9th Children's Services Retreat at the end of month.

Stan Gardner reported that a virtual campus has been implemented at Wayne State College this year. Virtual Campus is basically access to all resources the library has available electronically, and also makes available all software available on campus. They are working to let students know about this new resource.

The book exam center is primarily youth materials. Some 1200 titles have been added to collection this year. The center is heavily used by Northeast System libraries and other libraries in the state. Libraries may borrow up to 100 books on a topic for a period of time if need for a project.

On October 17 at the UNK Library, the Jennings Room will be the site for demonstration of library automation systems by various vendors. Wayne is also facing budget restrictions. There is a freeze on all college hiring; 15% withholding of library materials budget; a space consultant visit is now on hold, even though the consultant was already selected.

Stan stated that the WillyConIV flyer being distributed on campus had one faculty member complain about the provocative pictures advertising the upcoming program. The pictures are from the artist featured at the conference. Last year 170 people participated; the program started four years ago and started with 38 participants. The event has primarily become a science program with speakers talking about specific topics in science.

Steve Davis invited all to come to the NLA/NEMA conference in Kearney in October

John Dale reported on budget issues for Lincoln City Libraries. For years the City Council members were told that when new libraries were opened they would need 27 FTE. That number was modified to 24 FTE. Lincoln City Libraries is in the recruiting process from a somewhat shallow pool of applicants. They are currently working on how to do the shifting of staff that will be transferring to new branches.

John stated that Omaha's library budget was cut 9.4% versus 1.4% for all other city office budgets. The Library Ad Hoc Hours Committee came up with this plan: 53 hours vs. 69 hours for the main library; all libraries will be closed on Friday; and everyone will take Friday as their day off.

Jeff Gilderson-Duwe reported the Phelps County Commission and Holdrege City Council were asked for replacement funding for staff that the library lost when the Nebraska Library Commission took over interlibrary loan support services. The library received about one-half of what they requested. The library is down to 8 FTE.

The library has been on a fund-raising campaign to put a color copier in the library. The library has raised $15,000 of $18,000 needed and Jeff will ask the library board to fund the rest. They received great support for this from local organizations, businesses, etc.

The Holdrege Public Library will begin implementing their new Internet safety policy in order to comply with CIPA. The staff and board are looking forward to hosting Rod Wagner and Richard Miller for their Making a Difference visit in January.

Maggie Harding reported on an NLA Preconference program for library boards, friends groups, library trustees, and library directors. Ellen Miller will be the facilitator.

Maggie reported that NLA has about 780 members this year, which is down a bit from last year.

The NLA online membership directory may be used to see if an individual's membership is current.

Maggie noted that three Japanese visitors came to visit the Nebraska Library Commission. They were especially interested in Charlotte Templeton, the third Director of the Library Commission who served in the early 1900's. The visitors had learned about Ms. Templeton from the Commission's web site centennial information.

Michael La Croix reported on Creighton University Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library's -beginning efforts at wireless Internet access; which includes loaning wireless laptops out to students. Michael noted that some library budget reductions might result due to student enrollment decline this year. At the same time library activity is busier than ever; circulation is up. Michael noted some difficulty in filling staff vacancies.

Mo Khamouna reported that the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture has increased the number of students this year. There is a freeze on spending and travel monies. Mo is actively marketing the library to each college department. He has done six presentations to different classes.

Karen Drevo reported things have gone well with their new SIRSI system. Library staff members are still learning new things about what the system can do

Karen reported that the Norfolk Public Library did well with their budget. The library will be installing new automatic doors with handicapped access. The library is beginning their DVD selection.

The Summer Reading program had a record setting year. Nearly 1700 kids signed up for summer reading; 835 participants read at least 25 hours for a total of 26,376 hours recorded. Children are tracked by their school. At the end of the year, it is determined which school had the best reading record. The winning school receives a trophy at a school assembly and they get to keep the trophy in their media center for one year.

John Seyfarth reported on his efforts to deal with the "Code Red" computer virus. Toni Reese, the new Children's Librarian is implementing some very successful children's program activities. One is a program for children and fathers. John mentioned his NLA-NEMA pre-conference session "Developing Confidence with Computer Hardware and Software."

Tom Schmitz reported that the Lincoln Regional Center is cataloging and bar coding their library collection. Tom received a donation of 300 paperbacks, which he gave to the Forensics unit.

A computer with Internet access is being installed in the Forensics Unit. Tom is not anticipating any budget reductions within his area. The HHS Consortium met yesterday and did some programming in Norfolk. The Consortium is presenting a program at the NLA-NEMA conference on the HHS grant project. Tom mentioned that one of the facilitators at the Leadership Institute asked him to share the story about the Consortium with the group.

Richard Miller reported on the System Administrator position vacancies and recruitment in the Republican Valley and Panhandle regional library systems. The Panhandle Library System has appointed Jay Wozny to the administrator position. Jay will begin work for the system on October 1.

Rod Wagner thanked Michael LaCroix for providing an article included with the September meeting packet.

Recommendations and Resolutions

Ken Oyer read a resolution thanking the Norfolk Public Library for hosting this meeting.

Mo Khamouna invited the Council to meet in Curtis. Mo asked that the group consider having SACL stationery printed to use when correspondence is needed.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held November 8 and 9, 2001. The meeting will begin in the p.m. on November 8 and will carry over into the next morning leading to a luncheon with guest speaker Jim Carmichael as part of the NLC centennial.


The meeting adjourned at 2:01 p.m.

For more information, contact Sue Biltoft.