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Nebraska State Advisory Council on Libraries

1200 N Street, Lincoln, Nebraska
Friday, November 18, 2005, 9:45 a.m.


1) Welcome and Introductions

a. Approval of Agenda *
b. Approval of Minutes (July 15, 2005) *

2) Reports / Discussion

a. Library Services and Technology Act – Rod Wagner and Kit Keller

i. FY 2006 Appropriation
ii. Five-Year Evaluation and LSTA Long Range Plan
iii. LSTA Grants – Kit Keller

b. Libraries and the Gamer Generation – Julie Pinnell

c. Recruiting the Next Generation of Librarians Project – Mary Jo Ryan

i. 21st Century Librarians Scholarships

d. Planning and Data Services – Kit Keller

e. Nebraska Library Association – Theresa Jehlik

f. Nebraska Educational Media Association – Steve Davis

g. Consumer Health Information Services Symposium – Marty Magee

3) Lunch / Roundtable

4) Telecommunications Initiatives and Policies – Tom Rolfes, Education Information Technology Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer / NITC

5) 2006 Legislative Issues and Initiatives – Rod Wagner

6) Marketing and Promotions – Mary Jo Ryan

7) Recommendations, Resolutions and Recognition *

8) 2006 Meeting Schedule

* indicates action item

For more information, contact Sue Biltoft.