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Learn online on NCampus.

NCampus offers interactive, online continuing education, using learning management software called Moodle, an open-source product originally from Australia, now used world-wide.

The learning management software not only keeps track of participant progress, it encourages social learning by offering personal profiles so participants can get to know one another. The software presents written materials to the students, and can link to audio and video files as well. It facilitates class discussion through forums and blogs, and also handles traditional written assignments and quizzes. Instruction is asynchronous—that is, lessons are designed so that students can interact with instructors, other students, and materials, but need not be in direct contact at the same time.

Through this software, the Nebraska Library Commission can offer librarians who have difficulty travelling and finding time to attend classes quality structured continuing education via the Web.

Now offering:

Basic Skills: Customer Service

Basic Skills: Reference

Basic Skills: Readers' Advisory

Basic Skills: Programming & Outreach

Coming this Fall:

Basic Skills: Collection Management

Basic Skills: Collection Policies and Plans

Basic Skills: The Community and the Librarian

Basic Skills: Intellectual Freedom and the Core Values of Librarianship

Register for Basic Skills courses through the NLC Training & Events Calendar.

Basic Skills courses are open only to Nebraska residents or those who are employed by a Nebraska library.

Learn online on NCampus

For more information, contact Holli Duggan.