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Nebraska Resource Sharing Participation Program and Lender Compensation

To encourage and support the sharing of materials between Nebraska libraries, the Nebraska Library Commission provides quarterly compensation to Nebraska libraries lending materials to other Nebraska libraries through the OCLC Interlibrary Loan system. The amount per item varies by quarter depending on available funds.

To participate in the program, please complete the Nebraska Resource Sharing Participation Program Agreement Form.  

Payments are made in one of two ways for public libraries, private college libraries and special libraries:
  1. Direct payment: made electronically to an account for the library, or in the case of a public library to the city, if an ACH/Direct Deposit agreement has been made with the State Treasurer's office.

    Payments to Nebraska Entities: For those libraries whose payments are deposited into a city account rather than a library account, this document can be given to officials as a clarification of why funds must be expended for library purposes.

  2. Database account deposit: these funds are held by the Nebraska Library Commission and may be used by the library to pay for products and services invoiced by the Library Commission.  Products and services may include databases, OverDrive subscriptions, CatExpress subscriptions and training sessions.
To choose or change a method of payment, please complete the Lender Compensation Payment Instruction form.  

Payments for State funded libraries must be made as a direct payment by creating an Inter-Agency Billing Transaction (IBT) on NIS and sending the invoice to the Nebraska Library Commission for approval and posting. 

For questions regarding quarterly reports, contact Devra Dragos. For questions regarding payments, contact Jerry Breazile.

Quarterly Reports

FY 2023-2024 FY 2022-2023 FY 2021-2022 FY 2020-2021 FY 2019-2020 FY 2018-2019 FY 2017-2018 FY 2016-2017 FY 2015-2016 FY 2014-2015 FY 2013-2014 FY 2012-2013 FY 2011-2012 FY 2010-2011 FY 2009-2010

Annual Reports for Public Libraries

Brought to you by the Nebraska Library Commission, with funding from the State of Nebraska and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

For more information, contact Devra Dragos.