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Earning Continuing Education Credits for Nebraska Public Librarian Certification

Continuing education (CE) credit is earned for participation in planned learning experiences designed to bring about changes in knowledge, skills, or attitudes which contribute directly to the delivery of quality library services and competent practice of librarianship.

During each three-year certification period, 45 CE credits must be accumulated in order to be recertified. No CE credits may be transferred to a subsequent certification period.


CE Activities
(online or in-person)
CE Credits Notes Requirements
  • 20-44 minutes = 0.5
  • 45-89 minutes = 1.0
  • must be a minimum of twenty minutes
  • Submit CE Form
  • List individual sessions for conferences and workshops separately.
Academic Courses
(for college credit)
  • Semester = 15
  • Quarter = 10
  • no more than 20 CE credits per certification period
Online Courses
(not for college credit)

Leadership Activities
Professional Reading

*Note: Not all activities are eligible for CE credit. If you aren't sure whether an activity would qualify for continuing education credit, check with Holli Duggan in advance.


How do I submit an activity or an event for CE credit?

Submit a CE Activity Report. Please allow ten business days for credit to be reflected on your online record. To review your record, go to the CE Record Review.

Participation in any CE activity must be reported within 90 days. CE activities and events must be completed within the current certification period. (For example, you may not report a class or conference you attended if it ended before you applied for the certification program or if it occurred before your current certification start date.)

If an activity is sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission or by one of the Nebraska Regional Library Systems, your attendance will be reported to Mary Geibel so that the credits you've earned can be recorded.

Not all activities are eligible for CE credit. If you aren't sure whether an activity or event would qualify, contact Holli Duggan, in advance.

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What counts as a continuing education activity?

The learning activities for which librarians may earn CE credits include professional development workshops, seminars, institutes, conferences, webinars, classes, and lectures where no academic credit is given. Activities may be in-person with the instructor/speaker, via real-time remote means, or watched as a recording. Eligible CE activities must meet the guidelines that are listed in the following section.

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How do I know if it counts?

Activities must meet the following guidelines:

  • Organized and planned for the purpose of teaching or learning about Library Science topics
  • Sponsored by a reputable agency, organization, or institution
  • At least twenty minutes long (exception for the United for Libraries' Short Takes for Trustees videos)

Not all activities are eligible for CE credit. If you aren't sure whether an activity or event would qualify, contact Holli Duggan, in advance.

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How do I check my CE hours?

To review your record and CE hours, go to the CE Record Review. Log in using your first name, last name, and password. If you don't have a password, please contact Mary Geibel or click here for CE Password Reminder.

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Do college/academic courses count?

Yes. Library Science courses for which academic credit is awarded by an accredited college or university are eligible for CE credit. These courses must:

  • Keep librarians abreast of new knowledge and developments within their field
  • Update basic library education
  • Enhance their job competence (or)
  • Lead to a specialization in a new area of librarianship

To obtain credit, email a copy of your transcript and course syllabus to Mary Geibel.

*No more than 20 CE credits earned through academic coursework may be counted towards the 45 CE credit total required for each recertification period.

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Do online or non-academic courses count?

Non-academic or online courses related to librarianship may count for CE credit. These include self-paced, asynchronous, and synchronous courses. Examples include courses taken from Khan Academy, LibraryJuice Academy,, Gale online courses, or Codecademy.

Determining the number of CE credits may vary as the definition of CEUs or LEUs differs by organization. Additionally, each student progresses through online classes at different rates (some students may complete a course in an hour while others may take two or three hours). For the Nebraska Public Librarian Certification Program, the CE Coordinator will evaluate each course submitted using the following guideline: unless the course is offered by the American Library Association (ALA) or one of its current affiliates, each online course will count as 1 CE per week, module, or topic that the course covers. For example, a four-week online course may be eligible for 4 CE credits. A certificate or proof of completion may be requested.

In order to earn CE credit, the full class must be completed. No CE will be earned for partial completion of modules.

Please contact Holli Duggan or Mary Geibel, in advance if you have any questions.

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Can I get credit for teaching or presenting?

Yes. Serving as an instructor for training, courses, workshops, seminars, presentations, or conferences for library or library-related communities will earn CE credit. Credit hours are given at the rate of two times the number of hours and may be used only once for each class, regardless of how many times it's taught.

Example: If you teach a three-hour workshop, you're eligible for six CE credits. You would be limited to just six hours regardless of how many times you taught that particular workshop. The maximum number of hours received per class taught or presentation is ten CE credits.

Report teaching or presenting on the CE Activity Report and indicate that you taught or presented.

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Can I get credit for participating in a professional association (NLA, MPLA, ALA, etc.)?

Participation in state, regional, or national library association activities at a leadership level, such as serving as president or as section chair, is eligible for CE credit. Routine professional association activities, such as serving on a committee or attending business meetings, don't count for CE credits.

To obtain credit, email Mary Geibel and include:

  • Name of the organization
  • Leadership position held
  • Short summary of your duties
  • Dates of service

*10 of the 45 CE credits required in a single recertification period may be earned through professional association leadership activities.

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If I get published, does that count?

Publishing an article, paper, chapter, or a book on a library science-related topic is eligible for CE credit. Articles written for a library's newsletter are not eligible to earn credit.

  • Books must be published by a recognized publisher.
  • Articles or papers must appear in a recognized publication in the field of library or information science.

To obtain credit, email Mary Geibel with a complete citation for your work.

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What about reading an article or a book?

Reading articles from professional journals is eligible for CE credits. Each article read, summarized, and reported is worth 0.5 CE credits. Each article must be from a professional library journal and be more than two pages in length. Articles from newspapers or general interest periodicals are not eligible, even if the subject of an article is library-related.

Books eligible for credit must be:

  • Non-fiction
  • Directly related to the field of library science
  • Published within the last five years

To obtain credit, email Mary Geibel and include:

  • Complete bibliographic citation
  • Why you chose to read this particular article or book
  • Summary of the article or book
  • How the information will affect your library work

*CE credits for reading a book depend on the number of pages. No more than 4 CE credits may be earned per title.

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What activities are not eligible for CE credit?

Examples of activities not eligible for CE credit include (but are not limited to):

  • Staff, business, committee, planning, or advisory meetings
  • "Secondhand" presentations - presenting or listening to someone present on what they learned at a conference or training
  • Social or networking events
  • Visiting exhibit or vendor booths
  • Book discussions, book club meetings, book fairs, or book studies
  • Tours of other libraries or museums (including exhibits or special displays, unless there is a planned speaker/presentation/lecture specific to librarianship)
  • Training and orientation of volunteers, new staff, or for a new position
  • Updating or reading internal manuals, documents, guides, or emails
  • Routine professional association activities
  • Routine job-related activities
  • General library programming, such as leading storytimes, teaching a community computer class, or supervising afterschool clubs
  • General work-related training or personal wellness topics, such as stress reduction or retirement planning
  • TED Talks
  • Training on regular library operations, procedures, or general office equipment (including ILS training)
  • Travel time to or from events

If you have questions as to whether or not something is eligible for CE credit, please contact Holli Duggan or Mary Geibel.

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For more information, contact Holli Duggan.